Digestive system

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  • Agaricus Blazei Tincture

    18,50 лв.

    Панацея-тинктура Агарикус Блазейподкрепя антиоксидантните процесии оказва имуномоделиращо действие. Нетно количество: 100мл Продуктът е произведен в условия на сертфицирана система за качество и безопасност. Как действа Панацея-тинктура Агарикус Блазей? Сред научно доказаните свойствана гъбата Агарикус Блазей са: –Имуномодулиращо действие:Агарикусът еимунен модулатор,което означава, че работи интелигентно. Ако имунната система е свръхстимулирана (както може да се случи приавтоимунни […]

  • Black walnut Tincture

    15,50 лв.

    Black walnut Tincture is member of Vital series of Panacea™. The product is a natural antiparasitic and detox support. Black walnut Tincture stimulates immunity and favorites the digestive system. Net content: 100ml / glass container Properties Black walnut is used to detoxicate the body and as a mean to strengthen immunity with an anti-inflammatory effect. Black walnut extract favors the digestive system and […]

  • Calendula Tincture

    9,70 лв.

    Use to:  help treatment of diseases like stomach and duodenal ulcers  minor burns including sunburns, warts, and injuries such as sprains and wounds  skin diseases such as dermatitis and acne  improve the recovering from surgery  help overcome menopause symptoms Panacea – Calendula tincture contains chemicals, which have been shown in […]

  • Dandelion extract capsules 90х300mg

    18,50 лв.

    Dandelion extract 90х300mg vegan capsules Vcaps Plus®  45 servings The product is an extract of dandelion root – the intake of extract and not the ground herb is the most effective source of useful bioactive substances of medicinal plants. Dandelion extract capsules 90x300mg supports liver and bile. It favorites on the stomach and immune system. Stimulates […]

  • Dandelion root Tincture

    9,70 лв.

    Use to: ·         maintains metabolism ·         stimulates the overall ability of the bile and the liver Panacea – Dandelion Tincture exerts a positive effect on the metabolitic processes and support the bile and liver’s function. Net content: 100ml How does Dandelion tincture work? Dandelion’s roots have a long history in traditional medicine as an all-around digestive aid and is also thought […]

  • Gastrofix Tincture

    9,70 лв.

    Use in case of:  colitis  gastritis  nausea or recurrent upset stomach  indigestion Panacea – Gastrofix Tincture exerts a positive effect on the digestive processes and the functions of the gastrointestinal mucosa. Net content: 100ml Properties The product contains bioactive substances that reduce the gastric acidity, provide spasmolytic effect, help maintain normal gastrointestinal […]

  • Hemorax Tincture

    9,70 лв.

    Panacea – Hemorax Tincture is a well balanced combination of herbs that exerts a positive effect on blood flow by supporting normal flow of blood clotting and tone of blood vessels. The product is a natural support in case of internal and external hemorrhoids, anal fistula and abcess. Net content: 100ml Properties The tincture contains bioactive […]

  • Iceland Moss Tincture

    14,00 лв.

    Iceland Moss Tincture is member of the new Vital series of Panacea™. The product is a natural support for the respiratory system and promotes gastric health.  Net content: 100ml / glass container Properties Traditionally Iceland moss was considered a galactagogue and to have strong antibiotic, antiemetic, strongly demulcent and nutritive properties. Iceland moss has been principally recommended in […]

  • Marsh mallow Tincture

    12,50 лв.

    Тинктура Лечебна ружа, 100мл  Продуктът подкрепя белите дробове, горните дихателни пътища, имунитета и стомаха.  Ефектът на лечебната ружа е известен от векове. Билката се прилага при кашлица, бронхити, възпаления на горните дихателни пътища, тонзилити (възпаление на сливиците). Лечебната ружа насърчава отхрачването на брониалните секрети и спомага за лечение на възпалено гърло. Ефикасна е също при […]

  • Milk thistle extract 90х300mg

    18,50 лв.

    Milk thistle extract 90х300mg vegan capsules Vcaps Plus®  45 servings The product is an extract of milk thistle – the intake of extract and not the ground herb is the most effective source of useful bioactive substances of medicinal plants. Milk Thistle Capsules 90x300mg is a standardized extract – silymarin content 70%. The product supports […]

  • Olive Leaf capsules 60х400mg

    16,30 лв.

    Екстракт Листа Маслина60х400mgрастителни капсулиVcaps Plus® Екстрактът от листа маслина се прилага при високо кръвноналягане, атеросклеротичнипромени, диабет,патогени встомашно- чревния тракт,слаб имунитет и др. Екстрактът от листа маслина е антиоксидант, който предпазва сърдечно-съдовата система от увреждания катопредпазва съдовите стени от окисление и отлагане на съединенията на холестерола. Съставки:стандартизиран екстракт от листа маслина/Olea europaea/(20% оleuropein) Съставки в дневната […]

  • Sweet Wormood tincture

    7,50 лв.

    Use for: ·  immune modulating  ·  support antibacterial and antifungal therapies ·  support the antiparasitic therapies Properties Sweet Wormood Tincture exerts antimicrobial effect, stimulates the bile’s function and supports the digestive system.  The modern medical literature agrees on the efficacy of Sweet Wormood in the treatment of malaria as an anti-viral and anti-parasitic agent. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of […]