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Passiflora and Jasmin Tincture

Passiflora and Jasmin Tincture

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Use in case of:

·  depression

·  anxiety

·  insomnia

·  distress

Panacea – Passiflora and Jasmin Tincture helps the central nervous system’s functions. Passiflora and Jasmin are source of natural chemicals that  allow you to relax and improve mood and sleep. Both herbs show clinically proven sedative and anti-anxiety properties.

Net content: 100ml


Passiflora exhibits sedative and anti-anxiety activity in laboratory animals. Human studies of Passiflora, in combination products, have also demonstrated anti-anxiety and sedative properties. One study of short duration showed contradictory results. While early studies show some promise, more studies are needed to prove the tranquilizing and sedative properties of Passiflora in humans.

Passion flower’s ability to reduce anxiety makes it potentially useful for asthma, palpitations and other cardiac rhythm abnormalities, high blood pressure, insomnia, neurosis, nervousness, pain relief, and other related conditions. While there are some indications of its effectiveness, little clinical research is available to validate these medical uses. Other uses of passion flower include herbal treatment for menopausal complaints, and for its antimicrobial activity.

As a medicinal plant, jasmine has traditionally been considered an aphrodisiac, soothing, antidepressive, antiseptic, antispasmodic, stimulant, emollient, rejuvenating and calming agent.Jasmine is popularly known to reduce stretch marks as well as to treat aged skin by preventing wrinkles, reaffirming and soothing it.


Standardized water-ethanol extract (62-68%) of Passiflora /Passiflora incarnata/ and Jasmin /Jasminum officinalis/;


40 drops, dissolved into 50ml of table water or juice up to 4 times daily.

*Panacea – Passiflora and Jasmin’ qualities allow you to use the products both independently and in combination with various medicaments when a pharmaceutical treatment is recommended. This product is a nutritional supplement and may not substitute your physician’s prescriptions.

** The product label is in Bulgarian. We apply translation in English when ship abroad.

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