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Terms & Conditions





1.1. This document contains the General Terms of Use according to which the provider St. Nikola 2013 Ltd. is entitled to providing services to Users/Customers via panacea.bg e-shop.




2.1. St. Nikola 2013 Ltd. is a legal entity, which is registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, having its head office and business address at 108 Stamboliiski blvd. and a Unified Identification Number (UIN) 202603020.

2.2. St. Nikola 2013 Ltd. hereby carries out the administration of panacea.bg e-shop, the location of which is www.panacea.bg domain. St. Nikola 2013 Ltd. hereinafter shall be called panacea.bg.

2.3. panacea.bg can be contacted at the address stated above, at +359 887788174 or by mail at panaceaherbal@gmail.com




3.1. The General Conditions shall apply to all Users/Customers of panacea.bg e-shop.

3.2. The use of panacea.bg e-shop means that the Users/Customer has reviewed carefully the General Terms of Use, has completely agreed with them and is obligated to observe them.

3.3. The General Terms of Use can be amended unilaterally by panacea.bg at any time and upon personal consideration or by force of an enforced act of legislation. The amendments shall enter into force immediately and shall be obligatory for all Users/Customers. panacea.bg shall keep its Users/Customers informed about any changes to the General Terms of Use by updating the General Terms of Use.

3.4. All products, inclusive of the products in promotion/sale shall be sold and delivered until depletion of their quantity even if not expressly stated.

3.5. panacea.bg e-shop may contain links to other web sites/pages. panacea.bg shall not be held responsible for the confidentiality policy of web sites/pages that are not administered by panacea.bg, neither for any information contained in them.




4.1. St. Nikola 2013 Ltd. is registered at the Commission of Personal Data Protection as a Personal Data Administrator. 

4.2. By providing personal or other data the User/Customer agrees that it can be used by panacea.bg for the following purposes – registration of orders, sending of ordered products, realisation of ordered services, invoicing, connection with the User/Customer in cases of occurring problematic issues regarding his/her order or reviewing his/her requests, sending of newsletters or periodic notifications by mail or SMS.

4.3. By providing personal data to panacea.bg, the User/Customer hereby grants his/her express consent to be contacted by panacea.bg or by third persons – couriers, partners of panacea.bg, state, municipal or non-governmental agencies or companies where this is provided by the respective legislation, etc.

4.4. By providing personal data to panacea.bg the User/Customer shall grant his/her express consent for it to be included in panacea.bg’s data base and shall grant his/her explicit consent for it to be stored, used and processed in accordance with the purposes as per the General Terms of Use.

4.5. panacea.bg shall guarantee to its Users/Customers that the provided information and personal data shall be kept strictly confidential. The latter shall not be used, provided to or brought forward to the knowledge of third persons except for the cases and under the conditions stipulated in the present General Terms of Use. St. Nikola 2013 Ltd. shall protect the personal data of the User/Customer, which it has become aware of in the process of the purchase application. The above obligation shall be considered null and void in cases when the User/Customer provides incorrect data. According to the current legislation and the clauses of these General Terms of Use, panacea.bg can use the personal data of the User/Customer solely and only for the stipulated purposes. Any other purposes of use of the personal data shall be conformed with the Bulgarian legislation, applicable international acts of legislation, Internet ethics, rules of morality and good manners as well as with Regulation (EU)2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

4.6 The User/Customer may at any time unsubscribe his/her personal data by contacting panacea.bg by all possible ways inclusive of e-mail, telephone, mail, etc.




5.1. The User/Customer expresses his/her wish to order and purchase products through panacea.bg e-shop by placing an electronic purchase order or by phone.

5.2. Electronic purchase orders are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, inclusive of holidays and official holidays.

5.3. The electronic purchase order through panacea.bg e-shop can be generated by clicking on the “Add to cart” button on the page of each one of the products and on the page of the list of products. This button adds the selected product to the shopping cart of the User/Customer and he/she can continue shopping, make corrections to the order or finalise the order. Every product added to the cart can be purchased if available. After finalising the order, the User/Customer can review the ordered products, their prices and the total amount. The User/Customer can finalise the order by filling in the required payer and receiver information: name, e-mail, telephone number, address and by selecting the mode of delivery. Simply adding products to the cart and failing to finalise the order does not result in order registration and automatic reservation of the products.

5.4. panacea.bg shall send a notification to the User/Customer regarding the registration of his/her order in its system, which shall not have the meaning of acceptance, confirmation or commitment to its execution. panacea.bg shall send this notification electronically (by email).

5.5. As regards to the above, panacea.bg shall have the right not to deliver a part of or all products due to various objective reasons, inclusive but not limited to unavailability. panacea.bg shall inform the User/Customer in all cases by mail or phone. In such cases, the sole obligation of panacea.bg shall be to return any payments made in advance.

5.6. The distant sale contract between panacea.bg and the User/Customer shall be considered signed when the User/Customer receives by mail and/or sms a notification that the products ordered by him/her are ready for delivery. Where the User/Customer has submitted an invalid e-mail address, the notification shall be considered as received solely by the act of its sending by panacea.bg even if it has not been actually received.

5.7. The orders and inquiries made by Users/Customers shall be processed by panacea.bg’s staff on the official business days in the country, from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Orders placed after 5 p.m. shall be processed on the following business day.




6.1. The prices of the products announced in the panacea.bg e-shop are final, in Bulgarian leva (BGN) and include all taxes and fees according to the current Bulgarian legislation. The prices shall not be changed from the moment of ordering to the moment of payment.

6.2. The final price of the order shall be calculated as a sum of the individual prices of all ordered products. A delivery fee may be added to the price of the ordered products depending on the selected by the User/Customer products and destination.

6.3. panacea.bg shall have the right to change the prices published in the e-shop without any prior notice. In cases of technical mistakes when publishing the product prices, panacea.bg shall have the right to reject an order and shall not be liable to any compensation to the User/Customer. In such cases, the only obligation of panacea.bg is to return any amount of money received in advance.




7.1. Payment on delivery (cash on delivery). Upon receiving of the products, the User/Customer shall pay the due amount to the courier.




8. 1. panacea.bg shall be obliged to deliver the ordered and purchased products in person or through Econt Express Ltd. a courier company to the address given by the User/Customer or to an office of the courier company depending on the User’s/Customer’s choice.

8.2. panacea.bg shall be obliged to provide appropriate package the products and to enclose accompanying documents if any.




9.1. The execution of the order may be hindered by any of the following reasons: 

– Unavailability of one or all of the ordered products. In this case panacea.bg shall duly contact the User/Customer;

– The data provided by the User/Customer are incomplete and/or wrong;

9.2. In cases of problems with the delivery through the fault of panacea.bg, all addition costs connected with the sending and receiving of the order shall be borne by panacea.bg. In all other cases, any costs connected with the subsequent sending of the products shall be borne by the User/Customer.

9.3. Neither of the parties shall be held responsible for failing to execute its obligations if such inexecution is due to force majeure. The force majeure means unforeseeable circumstances that cannot be evaded.




10.1. Any User/Customer (if a natural person) shall have the right to return the purchased by him one or more products within 14 (fourteen) days of the date of receipt without any obligation to pay compensation or penalty and without having to indicate any reasons for the return.

10.2. The User/Customer shall be obliged to protect the received products, their quality and safety until the moment of their return to panacea.bg. The products should be returned in their original package, they should not be opened, neither used and their commercial appearance should not be destroyed (e.g. torn package, removed labels, missing parts, etc.). The products should be accompanied by all documents – payment slip and/or invoice.

10.3. The transportation cost for the return of the products by the User/Customer to panacea.bg shall be borne by the User/Customer. 

10.4. panacea.bg shall be obliged the reimburse the payment as per the distance contract, which has been rejected by the User/Customer within 14 (fourteen) days of the date the User/Customer has exercised his/her right of rejection according to art. 52 of the Consumer Protection Law.




11.1. The User/Customer shall not have the right of rejection regarding the signed contract in the following cases:

– Where the products are delivered closed and sealed and have been unsealed after delivery; such products cannot be returned due to reasons connected with hygiene or health protection.




12.1. It shall be the obligation of the User/Customer to open the package upon delivery, in the presence of the courier and to check for any damages or absences, which may be due to transportation.

12.2. Any claims for damaged packages should be made upon delivery and in the presence of the courier. The receiver and the courier should fill in a report of findings in three identical copies. The Customer (receiver of the shipment) shall be obliged to request the original and a copy of the report and contact a representative of panacea.bg in order to make a claim. panacea.bg undertakes to replace the damaged/missing product free of charge or to reimburse the paid amount of money by the customer only after the presentation of the report by the customer.




13.1. In cases of situations connected with unsettled issues, the User/Customer shall have the right to refer the disputable issues to a representative of panacea.bg via the published contacts.

13.2. All disputes between the parties shall be settled in the spirit of understanding and good will. Where consent cannot be reached, for all unsettled disputes, inclusive of disputes originating from or referring to interpretation, invalidity, execution or termination, as well as disputes on supplying deficiencies or accommodation to recently introduced circumstances, the regulations of the current Bulgarian legislation shall apply.

13.3. panacea.bg shall have the right to terminate the access to the provided services unilaterally and without prior notice in cases when the User/Consumer, with his/her actions, undermines the good name of panacea.bg, violates the law of the Republic of Bulgaria or jeopardises the efficiency of the program and technical means for the provision of services.

13.4. Each User/Customer shall have the right to share his/her opinion regarding these General Terms of Use by sending an e-message to panacea.bg at the given e-mail address.


Date of updating of the General Terms of Use: 16 April 2018